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New versions Quick.Cart v6.5 and Quick.Cms v5.5!

News » New versions Quick.Cart v6.5 and Quick.Cms v5.5!

2014-09-16 15:10

 Quick.CMS i Quick.CART

Quick.CMS and Quick.Cart system develop.
StudioStrona participates in the development of these systems!
From today, the projects pages use the latest version of Quick.Cart Quick.Cart 5.5 and 6.5

Changes have been some interesting changes that primarily enhance the safety of the administration panel, as well as accelerate the management side.

  • Bug fixes.
  • Better protection of uploaded files.
  • Hiding the login in configuration. Forcing change username and password.
  • Simplified developer mode. Updated WYSIWYG editor - TinyMCE
  • Customize the HTML and CSS to more restrictive requirements of WCAG 2.0
  • Better protection against attempts to change the data by sending specially crafted links or forms to administrator  of the page
  • (EXT version) Quick view photos from the list of files in the administration
  • (EXT version)  Updated add-ons that use external libraries like jQuery, codemirror, galleria, jQuery Event Calendar, and so on.
  • (EXT version) Improved sending e-mails

And... We've been working on version 6.0 of  Quick.CMS ...